When I merge something and there are conflicts, I can go to the file in the magit status page (SPC-g-s) and press, for example, e to start ediff. Within that, I can scroll through all conflicts and press either a or b to tell it, which version to use (my local version or the external version). How can I do that for all conflicts at once? Sometimes, I don't want to go through all conflicts because sometimes I know that all of them should resolve the same way. I can't find out how to do that.

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These versions are also called "stages" and the command to pick on is magit-checkout-stage. You can invoke that using M-x of course, but you can also just press k (magit-discard) on the conflicting file to discard the other stages. (But be aware that this prompts you for which side to keep, not which side to discard.)

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