Background: I recently found out about image-dired, so I'm playing around with it and trying to get it to work. It seems to mostly work, but when I image-dired into a directory (we'll call it ~/Documents/Images) that has a handful of images it only shows the thumbnail for the first image in the directory, and in the minibuffer returns the error:

error in process sentinel: Wrong type argument: processp, [nil 24302 41099 85815 nil image-dired-thumb-queue-run nil nil 0]

What I've done so far: after reading this, I thought that maybe my problem could be triggered by not having imagemagick installed. However, after installing it (which was a pain) and confirming that emacs can see imagemagick by testing M-! convert, I get the same behavior. I've found (what I think is) the source code for image-dired here, and I can see that there is a function called image-dired-thumb-queue-run, but I don't know enough lisp to know what it's doing or if it's the function causing my problems.


  1. What is causing my error?
  2. How can I get normal behavior from image-dired? (i.e., display all thumbnails for a given directory)

Notes: I'm using Emacs 26.3 (with built-in image-dired) on Mac OS Catalina.

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