I would like to see the content of the untracked files, so I could see what's there and possibly stage only some lines.

I have status.showUntrackedFiles = all, so in magit I can see the files inside a folder that is untracked, but I cant show the content using TAB like I can with tracked files.

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As each 'diff' would be the entire file, that could be a very costly section to include, even if it were available (which I don't think is the case).

For mere viewing purposes you can, of course, use RET on an untracked file to visit it. Maybe not quite so convenient in some cases, but it's trivial; you don't have to view the file as a diff; and it has no performance impact on Magit.

For staging purposes, you can use C-us to stage an untracked file with --intent-to-add, at which point you can stage whichever parts of it you choose.

See also Use `git add -N` in magit.

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