Currently when making changes to the mode-line, I try to write efficient elisp,

However I don't know for sure if what I'm doing is in fact efficient.

How could I test the mode-line performance?

For example - redraw the mode-line in a loop and time that.

  • what are you displaying on your mode line?
    – Tyler
    Jun 23 '20 at 3:18
  • Just ascii text - nothing special, it's just that I'm using :eval to run code, which could become slow.
    – ideasman42
    Jun 23 '20 at 4:00
  • Redisplay affects mode-line behavior and apparent performance. And :eval can take a hit when redisplay happens. You might be able to otherwise check performance hits that you impose by using force-mode-line-update, but my guess is that all bets are off, in this regard - because you don't control when or how often redisplay occurs. But perhaps someone more knowledgeable will have something better to offer.
    – Drew
    Jun 23 '20 at 4:31
  • Here is a link to a S.O. thread that uses a measure-time macro from the Emacs help mailing list: stackoverflow.com/questions/23622296/… The link to the Emacs help mail list thread is: lists.gnu.org/archive/html/help-gnu-emacs/2008-06/msg00087.html
    – lawlist
    Jun 23 '20 at 6:02

This interactive function times format-mode-line.

(defmacro mode-line-benchmark-elapse-time (&rest forms)
  "Return the time in seconds elapsed for execution of FORMS."
  (declare (indent 0) (debug t))
  (let ((t1 (make-symbol "t1")))
    (let (,t1)
      (setq ,t1 (current-time))
      (float-time (time-since ,t1)))))

(defun mode-line-benchmark ()
  (let* ((value nil)
         (repetitions 10000)
            (dotimes (_ repetitions)
              (setq value (format-mode-line mode-line-format)))))
         (average-time (/ wall-clock-time repetitions)))
     "Time: %.10f per call, %.10f for %S calls: %S"
     average-time wall-clock-time repetitions value)))

This can be run manually with M-x mode-line-benchmark

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