I want to use yasnippet to create a generic template for my org-mode files including latex export classe (letters, memos, articles, etc...)

It's not that complicated, but I would like Yasnippet to offer me to choose from the list of latex classes I have configured myself with (add-to-list 'org-latex-classes ...).

Therefore I introduced in my snippet the following line:

#+LATEX_CLASS: ${2:$$$(yas-choose-value '(org-latex-class))}

However, it seems that the variable is not recognized as a stringp :

yas--move-to-field: Wrong type argument: stringp, (sequencep org-latex-class)

Is there a way in elisp to convert sequencep to stringp ? Could it solve the problem ?


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You need a list with the class names only:

#+LATEX_CLASS: ${2:$$(yas-choose-value (mapcar #'car org-latex-classes))}

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