What are Org elements (e.g. org-element-type) and entries (e.g. org-entry-get)?

The best I can figure is that an entry is anything in the buffer. Org defines properties (org-special-properties and org-default-properties) for various purposes; TODOs, clocks, etc. The text in a buffer is parsed through string matching and properties are identified correspondingly. So, an entry is text with (or representing) a property?

It also looks like there is a push for a fully parsed syntax tree, starting with (or around) Org 9. The org-element.el library parses a buffer into an AST composed of elements. Therefore, an element is merely a node in the abstract syntax tree?

  • For elements, see the description in the header comment of org-element.el and also the API doc and the syntax doc. Instead of "entry" you should probably read "property": the API is described in the manual. – NickD Jun 24 '20 at 21:59

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