I use Org-ref to insert references in Org mode when writing articles. I prefer to put bib files in a separate place, say /bib/ref.bib, instead of putting together with org files in ~/org/. After inserting references with absolute path bibliography:/bib/ref.bib, I exported the Org file to LaTeX file by C-c C-e l l. However, the bibliography in the exported LaTeX file is specified by relative path, \bibliography{../../../bib/ref}.

How to get bibliography with absolute path \bibliography{/bib/ref} in the exported LaTeX file?

The reason I want to use absolute path is that the exported LaTeX file may be copied to other location and compiled. In that case, I have to manually change the relative path. Thanks for your time.

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A feature to set absolute path for bib file has been merged in org-ref. Update org-ref and add (setq org-ref-latex-bib-resolve-func #'expand-file-name). See org-ref github issues here and here.

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