I'm trying to compose a link to the describe-package help buffer to the xref package like this:

[[(elisp:(describe-package "xref"))][xref]]

But it can't execute. So I wonder how to pass arguments to an interactive function from within Elisp. I don't believe anyone has asked this question, and after much searching I still couldn't find the answer. I've tried the following forms and none of them worked.

(describe-package "xref")
(call-interactively 'describe-package "xref")
(call-interactively (describe-package "xref"))
(call-interactively (lambda () (interactive) (describe-package '("xref"))))
(command-execute (describe-package "xref"))
(command-execute 'describe-package "xref")

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According to the docs, describe-package takes a symbol as argument not a string so you need:

(describe-package 'xref)

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