How can I add a custom formatter that will be picked up by doom-emacs' format ((format +onsave)) module?

I want to run the erlfmt program on save when editing Erlang files, but I'm not sure how I should configure that.

Doom seems to be using https://github.com/lassik/emacs-format-all-the-code under the hood, so I tried adding the following to config.el:

(define-format-all-formatter erlfm
  (:executable "erlfm")
  (:install (macos "brew install erlfmt"))
  (:languages "Erlang"
  (:format (format-all--buffer-easy executable "-")))

However, this just gives me the error “Don't know how to format erlang-mode code” when I run format-all-buffer. (I get the same error if I change to :languages "erlang-mode".)

  • This seems very close to: emacs.stackexchange.com/q/54351/2418 - not sure it's an exact duplicate though. – ideasman42 Jul 6 at 12:20
  • Did you reload your config.el (or restart emacs ) after the change? – NickD Jul 6 at 13:55
  • Please copy the important part of the linked pages to the question, since these pages may change or even disappear. – Stefan Jul 6 at 15:13
  • @Stefan Good point. Done. – beta Jul 9 at 9:03

In the end, putting the following in config.el worked:

(set-formatter! 'erlfmt  "erlfmt -" :modes '(erlang-mode))
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