I am trying to plot simple examples in org-mode by using gnuplot. But it keeps telling me "Searching for program: No such file or directory, aspell".

I installed gnuplot both to on emacs and on system wide. Also installed gnuplot-mode in emacs.

The table that I am trying to plot is:

#+PLOT: title:"Grades in Physics and Mathematics" ind:2 deps:(3 4) type:2d with:histograms set:"yrange [0:]" set:"xlabel 'Student'" set:"ylabel 'grades'" set:"output './img/gnuplot-grades.png'" set:"terminal png size 600,500"
|   | Grades | Mathematics | Physics |
| # | Ben    |         9.2 |     9.9 |
| # | Tom    |         6.7 |     7.7 |
| # | Tim    |         7.5 |     6.7 |
| # | Dean   |         8.0 |     7.0 |

I am using org-mode 9.3.7 which came by default. Is the issue related with emacs/org-mode version?


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    You must have enabled a spell checker that is configured to use aspell. Two choices: find out where and disable it, or install aspell. – NickD Jul 8 '20 at 13:32
  • Thank you. aspell problem is solved by installing it via os's package manager. But still cannot produce any plots. I checked the gnuplot version on both emacs and system which were different and fixed that. Still,it does not produce any plots. Any suggestion ? – Kadir Gunel Jul 9 '20 at 6:13

Check that:

  • gnuplot is installed: just run it from the shell to make sure it's present and if so, just exit out of it (I have version 5 and that worked).
  • gnuplot-mode is installed; checking e.g. with C-h f gnuplot-mode RET should be enough.
  • make sure that there is a subdirectory img under the directory where the Org mode file lives: the options specify set:"output './img/gnuplot-grades.png'" but if the img directory does not exist, this will fail.

With all conditions satisfied, I was able to produce the output file.

If you still have trouble, check your *Messages* buffer for messages like this:

gnuplot-mode 0.6.0 (gnuplot 5.0) -- report bugs with "C-c C-u"

which shows that both gnuplot-mode and gnuplot are installed and what the versions are (my gnuplot mode is old: 0.7.0 is available).

If you see such messages, then there should also be a buffer named*gnuplot* that gnuplot-mode creates and uses to send commands to the underlying gnuplot process. Switch to that buffer and see if any commands failed and what the errors are.

Good luck!

  • Thank you again. The problem was in saving settings. – Kadir Gunel Jul 9 '20 at 7:24
  • On Windows, what solved it for me (after, of course, installing gnuplot for Windows and putting the binary in %PATH%) was downloading the latest versions of gnuplot and gnuplot-mode on MELPA. – kotchwane Mar 30 at 21:57

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