I recently ran into this error from flycheck:

Warning (flycheck): Syntax checker csharp-omnisharp-codecheck reported too many errors (482) and is disabled.

I saw this: Warning (flycheck): Syntax checker javascript-eslint reported too many errors (494) and is disable - which is great, but it doesn't answer the question "what do I do now?"

I got to this point by removing a closing brace, and of course everything broke. I replaced the brace, but now the syntax checker is disabled, and it doesn't show any errors.

So, how do I turn it back on?

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I think I stumbled on an answer:

When I selected the same checker, a buffer opened, and it said "Flycheck Mode is enabled. Use C-u C-c ! x to enable disabled checkers."


 C-u C-c ! x

Then enter the name of the checker.

I hope someone has a simpler answer!

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