How to avoid this behaviour? I use Prelude. If I have a source block I want to evaluate, it will do so, but also it will collapse all the headings in the buffer, which is annoying. Thanks for any help provided!

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    What is C-c C-c bound to? Do C-h c C-c C-c to find out. It should be bound to org-ctrl-c-ctrl-c - if that's the case for you, you should try starting with emacs -q and, assuming that that works, then bisect your init file to see who does the damage. – NickD Jul 15 '20 at 12:32
  • Thanks. It is indeed bound to org-ctrl-c-ctr-c and emacs -q works fine. So I'll have to see what causes this behaviour. – Emmanuel Goldstein Jul 15 '20 at 17:37

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