The in-line LaTex equation images are slightly higher than the rest of the font, maybe because of the image borders. This is really a small thing but could it be better aligned at the bottom?

  • What is the value of org-preview-latex-default-process? You can try setting it to dvipng, imagemagick, dvisvgm (you will also have to installed the appropriate backend in each case), and see if it gets any better. However, preview adds different fonts into the mix and chances are that there is going to be some misalignment in the buffer; however, when you export to PDF it should be perfect, correct? – NickD Jul 21 at 0:49
  • @NickD thanks for your reply. The rendering is pretty much the same for dvipng and imagemagick. When exporting to PDF everything looks perfect. It really is a trivial thing, I just wanted everything to look perfect in the org-mode as well :). – A. Blizzard Jul 21 at 9:18
  • Maybe the org-format-latex-options variable can do the trick? – MedSaid Jul 25 at 9:23
  • @MedSaid I had had a look at that. The only thing I changed was the scale option. Made it a bit bigger. There is no option for alignment. – A. Blizzard Jul 25 at 14:30

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