I'm learning emacs (on spacemacs) and focusing on orgmode.

Is there a way to transfer what you underline in a pdf (like in skim) directly as text in orgmode. In other words, when you underline a phrase in your pdf it appears directly in your opened orgmode buffer. I tried the following things:

  • org-mac-grab-link you can transfer the underlined pdf section to orgmode. Nevertheless, I would like to have something that does it directly while I'm reading and underlying my pdf.
  • I've heard about org-noter. However, from what I gather is more for summarizing a pdf, since you can export the skeleton/headings to your buffer.

Any advice would be useful!

  • It would depend on what you can do on the pdf side of the house: it would need to be able to send some notification to emacs. As long as there is some triggering mechanism, this can be done (see e.g org-protocol). – NickD Jul 25 at 0:24
  • I was thinking about something like that as well but haven't looked into it yet. I would prefer to have all underlined, highlighted text in the PDF file be put as a separate section in an org file (the notes file for that PDF). I think you can list all annotations in the PDF file if you are using pdf-tools and perhaps move that to an org file?! – A. Blizzard Jul 25 at 7:23
  • Yes I found a similar procedure with skim. You can indeed export all your notes in the pdf: file>export>notes as text. Then I would just delete all lines containing the date of when the comment was made. – L S Jul 25 at 9:06
  • This might get you started: github.com/malb/emacs.d/blob/master/malb.org#pdf-viewer it extracts PDF annotations/highlighting to markdown and org. – Martin R. Albrecht Jul 26 at 10:11

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