I've been trying to set org-babel-load-languages using Customize in Cocoa Emacs 24.4 (and using Emacs in a text console).

When I click INS then Choice: Value Menu, I get a widget-choose buffer with a list of choices that looks like this:

0 = Awk
1 = C 
2 = R
3 = Asymptote
4 = Calc
5 = Clojure 

etc. etc. all the way to the bottom of that buffer, and beyond.

I can't see either of the languages I'd like to choose (Python and Ruby), so I can't figure out the corresponding letter to press to pick one of them. When I try to click in that buffer to scroll, it closes and pops me back into the Customize buffer. Same with attempts to switch into it with C-o and scroll that way.

I've worked around it by setting a choice, saving, then editing my Customize-set variables to suit, but that's annoying.

Is there any way to compel better behavior from that widget-choose buffer?

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    Sounds like a bug. Unless someone has a better idea, consider reporting it: M-x report-emacs-bug.
    – Drew
    Commented Jan 3, 2015 at 8:16

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You can use the command scroll-other-window to scroll the window up. By the default the command is bound to C-M-v. However it seems customize UI does not recognize the complementary command scroll-other-window-down to scroll window down. You can work around this by using a negative prefix argument with the command scroll-other-window i.e. M--C-M-v

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