Is there a command for Emacs's follow-mode that will advance the text by a whole 'virtual window' rather than just the height of a column?

Desired effect:

Upon reaching the end of column 4, press PgDn (aka next), continue reading the next lines at the start of column one.

Compare with and without follow-mode:

When not in follow-mode I would use PgDn, but in follow-mode this only advances the text by the height of one column rather than the full height of the 'virtual window'

Is there a command other than PgDn that will manage this in follow-mode?

Follow mode is a minor mode that makes two windows, both showing the same buffer, scroll as a single tall virtual window.


individually pressing PgDn four times


individually pressing C-v four times

does scroll the column of text 4 times and so the whole virtual window (assuming there are 4 columns in follow-mode).

manually counting the lines tells me that the text has been scrolled forward by 57 lines.

C-u 57 C-v scrolls the same number of lines

still seeking

a single command that will, regardless of column height or number of columns, scroll a full 'virtual window'.

  • Do several PgDn work? As in, if you have 4 columns, C-u 4 PgDn.
    – angus
    Jul 29, 2020 at 9:41
  • Follow-mode provides commands for this, I think I named them follow-next-page and follow-previous-page. (I'm not at my computer right now and it was 25 years ago I wrote the command, so I might remember wrong.) Jul 30, 2020 at 23:13

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thankyou Lindydancer for the clue, and the editors for helping shape my text

I had a look at the available M-x follow- completions and checked their descriptions with C-h f before running the ones that seemed about right.

The ones below achieve what I wanted :)

M-x follow-scroll-up

Scroll text in a Follow mode window chain up.

M-x follow-scroll-down

Scroll text in a Follow mode window chain down.

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