I am trying to develop a regex to check if points is within a GitHub markdown link to a wiki page, and then extract that page name. For example

some text [link_name](https://github.com/user/wiki/Tool-info) more text

If point is between the [ and the ) and the user clicks a keyboard shortcut, I would like to extract the name of the wiki page, namely Tool-info..

Here is what I have:

(defun test-wiki ()
  (let ((name nil) (m-beginning nil))
      (if (char-equal (char-after) ?\[)
          (setq m-beginning t)
        (when (looking-back "\\[[^)]*?" (line-beginning-position))
          (setq m-beginning t)
          (goto-char (match-beginning 0))))
      (when m-beginning
        (when (looking-at "\\[[\\w]+?\\](\\([:/.\\w]+?\\))")
          (setq name (match-string 1)))))
    (if name
        (message name)
      (message "No match"))))

Currently, this gives message "No match" in all cases..

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You cannot use \w inside a character class in Emacs, instead you can use:

(when (looking-at "\\[\\w+?\\](\\([-:/.[:alnum:]]+?\\))")

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