I am using emacs-evil and when I open a new frame on X11 I can normally use ESC key switch between writing and command mode. But in terminal it won't work, and it just trigers meta.

I have been able to fix this issue with this code:

(defvar personal/fast-keyseq-timeout 200)
(defun personal/-tty-ESC-filter (map)   
    (if (and (equal (this-single-command-keys) [?\e])
             (sit-for (/ personal/fast-keyseq-timeout 1000.0)))
        [escape] map))
(defun personal/-lookup-key (map key)   
    (catch 'found
        (map-keymap (lambda (k b) 
                       (if (equal key k) (throw 'found b))) map)))
(defun personal/catch-tty-ESC ()   
"Setup key mappings of current terminal to turn a tty's ESC into `escape'."     
    (when (memq (terminal-live-p (frame-terminal)) '(t pc))
        (let ((esc-binding (personal/-lookup-key input-decode-map ?\e)))
          (define-key input-decode-map
                      [?\e] `(menu-item "" ,esc-binding :filter personal/-tty-ESC-filter)))))

This code fixes the problem and in terminal I will get my ESC key back but there is one problem. I cannot get this to work in a scenario where I have started the emacs daemon and I just open a new emacsclient -t frame.

This code snipet won't work:

(add-hook 'after-make-frame-functions #'personal/catch-tty-ESC)

Basically I am out of option and I wonder why it doesn't work!

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