I have a single file tasks.org that contains all the tasks for agenda and I have separate projects files with a tasks related to specific project. I try to setup a configuration that will let me refile tasks from project files under the heading * Projects in tasks.org file and from the tasks.org file back to specific project file under heading ** Tasks.

I try to use :regexp to narrow down refilling options to specific heading, but it doesn't work at all, it works only when I use :level parameter - maybe there is a bug in "regexp" parameter implementation or I use it wrong way.

Global org-refile-targets:

(setq org-refile-targets `(
                            (,my/project-1 :level . 1)
                            (,my/project-2 :regexp . "Projects$")))

The example project file:

# -*- mode: org -*-
# Local Variables:
# eval: (setq-local org-refile-targets `((,my/org-tasks-file-path :regexp . "Projects$")))
# End:

* Project 1
** Tasks
*** TODO bar
** Resources

Example tasks.org file:

# -*- mode: org -*-

* Tasks
** TODO foo
* Projects

EDIT: I managed to succesfully refile task from tasks.org to project file. The problem was that there were different heading depths. The tasks.org have 2 levels and project file had 3. I changed project file to match number of heading levels with tasks file and now it works.

The project.org file look like this now:

# -*- mode: org -*-

* Project 1
** Tasks
*** TODO bar
** Resources

The only problem that left is to narrow down local refiling options for project file to just tasks.org * Projects. Local Variables with eval doesn't work. When I eval (setq-local org-refile-targets ((,my/org-tasks-file-path :regexp . "Projects$")))` by hand it works though.

Any idea how can I set org-refile-targets on file level?

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    The Local Variables: section has to be at the end of the file. That may have been the reason that eval: did not work.
    – NickD
    Jul 30, 2020 at 16:34

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I created .dir-locals.el file to set local org-refile-targets for all the files in the projects folder.


((nil . (
          (eval . (progn (jarfar/org-projects-set-refile-targets-local)))

I defined jarfar/org-projects-set-refile-targets-local to set local variable, because .dir-locals.el syntax is quite limited, but we can call functions inside of it so we are all good. The function looks like this:

(defun jarfar/org-projects-set-refile-targets-local ()
  "Set local 'org-refile-targets for project org files."
  (setq-local org-refile-targets `((,jarfar/org-tasks-file-path :regexp . "Projects$"))))

Read first post EDIT together with this one for complete solution.

EDIT: I decided to move local folder config from .dir-locals.el to general config:

(setq jarfar/org-projects-folder "~/Documents/emacs/projects)
(dir-locals-set-class-variables 'jarfar/projects-directory
  '((nil . (
     (eval . (progn (jarfar/org-projects-set-refile-targets-local)))
(dir-locals-set-directory-class jarfar/org-projects-folder 'jarfar/projects-directory)

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