Consider the following org-mode document

* Foo
** bar1                            :g1:
** bar2                            :g2:
** bar3                            :g1:
** bar4                            :g2:
** bar5                            :g2:
** bar6                            :g1:

Now I do C-c / m and search for g1. The view will then be

* Foo
** bar1                            :g1:
** bar3                            :g1:
** bar6                            :g1:

as desired.

I would wish to be able to edit those three lines, e.g. by creating a selection and doing C-x r t in order to add foo to all three headings. If I do that, foo will also be added to the hidden headings. Furthermore, for some strange reasons, automatic newlines are inserted, the lines will look like

** foo
bar1                            :g1:

My questions are:

  • How can I edit several headings at the same time?
  • Where does that line break come from?

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I found a solution:

  1. M-s o for occur-mode, search for g1
  2. C-x o to change to the other window
  3. e to enable editing
  4. Edit by rectangle tagging or similar
  5. C-c C-c to switch back to occur-mode

However, I am still interested in a better or more elegant solution.

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