I am attempting to use gtkmm-3.0-dev in a small project. It uses meson as its build tool, and I use ninja to create a compilation database. However, regardless of any variables I set, Flycheck cannot seem to find the header files that gtkmm references:

Doom-Emacs, In "main.cpp", there are a lot of flycheck errors concerning include paths.

The project itself compiles without any issue, so I have verified that I have the appropriate libraries installed. I checked the actual gtkmm.h file, and all the files that are "not found", are within angle brackets, and are included as a -l option in the compilation command.

Additionally, company-clang works on the Gtk types and functions, so I am fairly sure that the compilation database is correct.

My question is, how can I make Flycheck either look in the correct paths or ignore these errors altogether? For reference, I did modify flycheck-clang-include-path, but this did not change the amount of errors Flycheck reports.

I made a repository on github for this; Here is the commit I am working off of

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