When I use this custom agenda (below) for a current buffer, the agenda builds correctly. But if I try to refresh it or move the date with f or b I get errors like: if: Wrong type argument: stringp, nil and let*: Args out of range: 0, 0

(setq org-agenda-custom-commands
     ("o"                                ;; Key
      "todays agenda for current buffer" ;; Description
      agenda                             ;; Type agenda
      ""                                 ;; Match expression
      ((org-agenda-files `(,(buffer-file-name))) 
       (org-agenda-span 1))              ;; Options

How can I make the agenda refreshable?

  • As I explained in a comment in your other question, buffer-file-name returns nil in the agenda buffer (i.e. there is no file associated with the agenda buffer). So your org-agenda-files is empty and that causes the error you are getting.
    – NickD
    Aug 3, 2020 at 17:44
  • I did not get it that first time, but I think now I do. So I will change the question to how can I make the agenda refrashable. Aug 3, 2020 at 17:47
  • 1
    I think that's best: I'm not sure that you can do what you want in the way you go about it, so it's probably better to ask a less-specific question, but make sure to explain exactly what you want to accomplish (and leave the how to whoever answers).
    – NickD
    Aug 3, 2020 at 18:11


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