i recently switched from qwerty to dvorak. i also need to type in korean, and i use nabi to input korean everywhere outside of emacs. thankfully, nabi has support for dvorak. unfortunately it doesn't work well with emacs and spaces keep getting inserted where they should not be. when i used qwerty i used emacs's internal set-language environment and it worked great--i am having some difficulty with getting the korean keyboard layout to work with dvorak though.

upon doing some research, i've found that i'm not the first to have this problem.

I first tried the stuff laid out here:



unfortunately after i copied and modified the cyrillic file for korean, it turns out that this only types the letters out but it can't put them together (e.g., the letters ㅇ ㅏ ㄴ should make 안 when typed out but they don't combine...

i then tried this


I copied the example given for fix-input but it doesn't work.

(fix-input "english-dvorak" ;; matches alternative layout

"korean-hangul" ;; works with QWERTY

"dvorak-korean") ;; name of new input method that preserves

;; the same layout with Dvorak

and finally i found this How to switch keyboard layouts for different languages?

i added the dvorak as a keyboard layout, but i'm not sure if i'm supposed to do anything after that because the korean still comes out w the keys corresponding to the qwerty letters

my technical know how (such as it is) ends here, because i'm not sure what to try next. this is probably just placebo but my hands feel much better after just about a week of typing on dvorak and i'd like to be able to continue using it, if possible. any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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