I would like to assign, for example, more then one responsible person to a task.

I thought to use properties like


But my agenda search for RESPONSIBLE="Aaron" has no results.

One reason not to use tags is, I can easily search for tasks without a responsible person, if the values were numbers, I could use operators like > and it does not clutter the headings with a lot of tags.

Is there a way to do this with properties?

Or is there a different way to make agenda search include, e. g., a todo with multiple responsible persons?

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Property values are strings. The value of the property RESPONSIBLE above is the string "Kate Aaron", so your search does not find it. You could do a regular expression search instead: RESPONSIBLE={Aaron} (see Matching tags and properties for details).

IMO however, you are better off using tags. Given headlines like this:

* TODO Something       :Kate:Aaron:

* TODO Something else

you can do C-c a m +Aaron to find headlines tagged with Aaron and you can find unassigned headlines with C-c a m TAGS="" - this is using the fact that Org recognizes Special properties.

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