Many commands that are rarely used in magit are hidden by default. Magit uses the transient.el library for popups and the visibility of infix and suffix commands are controlled by transient-default-level.

For example: At the default level (4), magit-branch transient 1 hides orphan, worktree, and shelving suffix commands (levels 6,5,&7 respectively).

I want to invoke the "new orphan" command, but I don't want to persist the visibility of that command or other commands (even for the remainder of the current session).

How can I conveniently change the default transient level temporarily, so that I can invoke a hidden command once?

The two ways I know of are:

  1. Change the transient level for the command using C-xl (transient-set-level), invoke it, and then change it back.

  2. Change transient-default-level programmatically (ex: (setq transient-default-level 6)), invoke the command, and change transient-default-level back.

screenshot of magit-branch transient after calling transient-set-level


I did not consider this but it sounds useful and doable. I've added this idea to my TODO list but for now you'll have to stick to your workarounds.

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