I am using doom emacs, and frequently use the vterm popup/toggle functionality (defined as +vterm/toggle here, which is used, as the name suggests, to toggle a vterm buffer.

The default is to toggle from the bottom of the screen, but I'd like it to toggle from the right side of my screen if possible.

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Credit to @henrik:

You need to use a popup rule. The default is defined here:

(set-popup-rule! "^vterm" :size 0.25 :vslot -4 :select t :quit nil :ttl 0)

Just add side: right and have the regex match the buffer you want, in this case *doom:vterm-popup:main and put this in your config.el inside an after! vterm block.

So, the final result for my case was:

; config.el
(after! vterm
  (set-popup-rule! "*doom:vterm-popup:main" :size 0.25 :vslot -4 :select t :quit nil :ttl 0 :side 'right)

For more info on popup-rules, see the doom docs.

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