I'm writing a transient for invoking debchange. It has a number of regular options like --multimaint which I am adding infixes for, and then a handful of mutually exclusive options like --append of which one must be specified. I would like to make these suffixes without defining a whole pile of wrappers like (debchange-append); can I somehow give the suffix a value so that I can use the same (debchange-run) command for all of them?


I did this:

(defclass dd-suffix-switch (transient-suffix)
  ((argument :initarg :argument)))

(cl-defmethod transient-infix-value ((obj dd-suffix-switch))
  (oref obj argument))

which I can then use as:

("a" "Append" dd-dch :class dd-suffix-switch :argument "--append")

EDIT: Whoops, this doesn't work after all, I get all of my suffixes.

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