I know that I can use save-excursion to avoid changes to (point), is there a similar function to revert excursion based on the value of BODY. For example:

(revert-excursion BODY)

would revert the excursion if BODY evaluates to nil otherwise the new value of (point) is maintained. I could of course do this by saving the previous (point) and using (goto-char) conditionally, or by executing BODY twice (one to evaluate its value and the second to actually move (point). But I am wondering if there are better ways.

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I think your first idea is the best:

   (goto-char (let ((pt (point)))
                  (if BODY 

You could probably write a macro for it.

Evaluating BODY twice is not a good idea: it may have side-effects that make it non-idempotent, and/or it may be expensive to evaluate.

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