Explaining the problem more in-depth than the titular definition:

Often I merge branches into master and want to prune based on that. M-p works fantastic for removing the remote branches (eg origin/mergedbranch) but not the local branch (eg mergedbranch) that referenced it before. I'm left with branches like the in the screenshot below.

There seem to be a lot of cli git commands such as this SO answer, but I was wondering if there was a magit equivalent.

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The refs buffer has options to filter to merged branches.
Quoting C-hig (magit)References Buffer:

‘y’ (‘magit-show-refs’)
This command lists branches and tags in a dedicated buffer. However if this command is invoked again from this buffer or if it is invoked with a prefix argument, then it acts as a transient prefix command

Therefore you can access that transient menu with yy1

Within the transient menu you can refine the view with -M setting the value to the merge target (E.g develop or main).

Then type y to execute the command, comparing against HEAD. The refs list you are left with should only contain merged branches.

Now highlight all the branches you would like to delete, then press k to delete the selection.2

Remember that you can set and save default transient values with C-xs and C-xC-s respectively.

1 or C-uM-x magit-show-refs, or in Evil it's yryr.

2 or M-x magit-delete-thing, or in Evil it's x.


There's no such command, but it wouldn't be hard to create one if you know a little emacs lisp and look at other magit-branch-* commands and the SO answers you mentioned. If you do, then please submit a pull-request.


Here's what I use:

(defun my-magit/delete-merged-branches ()
  (let* ((default-branch
           (read-string "Default branch: " (magit-get-current-branch)))
          (magit-git-lines "branch"
                           "--format" "%(refname:short)"
          (remove default-branch merged-branches)))
    (if branches-to-delete
        (if (yes-or-no-p (concat "Delete branches? ["
                                 (mapconcat 'identity branches-to-delete ", ") "]"))
            (magit-branch-delete branches-to-delete))
      (message "Nothing to delete"))))
(transient-append-suffix 'magit-branch "C"
    '("K" "delete all merged" my-magit/delete-merged-branches))

Then I press b K, it shows list of unmerged branches and asks for confirmation to delete them.

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