I am trying to set the following org-mode tangle property (mkdirp), which

creates parent directories for tangled files if the directory does not exist. A ‘yes’ value enables directory creation whereas ‘no’ inhibits it.

Apparently, it makes sense to set it for all relevant code blocks. My question is:

Is there a way to set a header property/argument like this globally for the entire .org file?

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File-level properties can be set like this:

#+PROPERTY: header-args :mkdirp yes

Language-specific arguments can be set with this syntax (setting property p1 to value v1):

#+PROPERTY: header-args:lang :p1 v1

If you want to add properties without resetting everything else to default, use lang+, as in the following - it doesn't modify the previously set p1 when setting p2. Without the +, p2 would be set, but p1 would revert to the default value

#+PROPERTY: header-args:lang+ :p2 v2.

File-level properties need to be evaluated (C-c C-c on the line, or close and re-open the buffer) to take effect.

Finally, rather than file-level, you can set properties at each * Header level with the PROPERTIES drawers:

* Header
:header-args:lang: :property_1 v1 :property_2 v2
:header-args:lang+: :property_n value_n

These take effect immediately, and do not need to be evaluated.

See https://orgmode.org/manual/Property-Syntax.html for details

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