I need to edit a few .pyt files, which are python code but specific to ESRI ArcGIS software.

Is there a variable that lists the file ending that python formatting is applied to that I could add .pyt to in order to have those files formatted?


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    Do you mean you want python-mode (or whatever) to turn on when you edit one of those files? If so, you can adjust auto-mode-alist.
    – Dan
    Aug 20 '20 at 14:28
  • got it, currently the python-mode is applied as: ("\\.py[iw]?\\'" . python-mode) there's probably a way to change that regex but (add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\.pyt\\'" . python-mode)) in my init.el did the trick. Aug 20 '20 at 14:34
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    ("\\.py[iwt]?\\'" . python-mode) should do it then.
    – NickD
    Aug 20 '20 at 15:55
  • thanks @NickD, The way I'm currently doing it with add-to-list, I just update the variable each time emacs each time it's opened. Any thoughts about how to edit the variable in a way that it will persist across sessions? Like how is the rest of the list built and can I edit that? Maybe it's better to keep all of this custom stuff inside init.el. Aug 21 '20 at 12:53
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    It is better to keep it inside init.el: isn't that where you put the add-to-list? What I meant was to find the place in your init.el where python-mode is set for .pyi and .pyw files and add the t there. But if somebody else is doing that setting, then it's not worth worrying about it: the add-to-list method is fine.
    – NickD
    Aug 21 '20 at 13:36

view auto-mode-alist using:

M-x describe-variable RET auto-mode-alist

Then edit the list by adding to your init file:

(add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\.pyt\\'" . python-mode))

Per the docs here

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