I'm trying to get FlyCheck to ignore a rule used by mdl for checking syntax for.md files. I'm not very lisp or emacs savvy, but I've added this code to my personal.el file.

;; Turn off mdl message [MD013] Line length
(defcustom flycheck-markdown-mdl-rules '("~MD013")
  "Ignore line length."
  :group flycheck-markdown-mdl-rules
  :type '(string)

I don't get any compilation errors, but mdl doesn't ignore the "line length" check like I'd expect. Can someone help me understand what I'm doing wrong here?

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You have another option to get the same effect. You can create a .mdlrc file with the following content. This should allow you to ignore the "line length" check.

verbose true
rules "~MD013"

You will find more information here: Mdl configuration


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