Suppose I am am writing an org file /path/to/foo/bar/notes.org and I have in another window opened at the same time another file say /path2/to2/foo2/bar2/file.tex (living on a totally different path in the filesystem). Now I want to insert a link to file.tex into my org file. To do so, I would use C-u C-c C-l and then then navigate from /path/to/foo/bar/ to the file to insert the link.

Is there a faster way to insert the link which uses the fact, that the file file.tex is already opened in another window.

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Calling org-store-link by C-c l in file.tex buffer will store a link in the org-stored-links variable.

Then, calling org-insert-link by C-c C-l in notes.org buffer will insert the link to your org file by selecting the right stored link in the prompt.

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