How do I control whether the output buffer *Compile* of M-x compile will be shown

  • in an existing window or
  • in a new window by splitting an existing window


My problem is that the compilation buffer is opened in an existing window that I want to leave unchanged for other content.

AFAICT, this behaviour is controlled by display-buffer.

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The command I was looking for was display-buffer-in-direction. My desire use was

(setq display-buffer-alist
      `((,(rx bos
              (| (literal "*compilation")
                 (literal "*shell")
                 (literal "*eshell")
                 (literal "*Compile-Log")))
         (window .                      ;reference window
                 t) ;either `t' (selected window), `main', `root', or an arbitrary valid window
         (direction .
                    below)              ;`below' (window) or `bottom' (of frame)
         (window-height . 0.33)          ;absolute (10) or relative (0.3)

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