I'm trying to make a call to yas-expand doesn't trigger aggressive-indent. I'm guessing this is because yas-expand, for some reason, doesn't trigger a call to after-change-functions into which aggressive-indent--keep-track-of-changes is added when the aggressive-indent package is loaded.

Is there a way to make yas-expand at the end trigger the correct call to after-change-functions?

I was thinking something like

(add-hook 'yas-after-exit-snippet-hook
            (lambda () (run-hooks '(after-change-functions))))

would do the trick but this error.

For the time being I'm using the hack

(add-hook 'yas-after-exit-snippet-hook
            (lambda ()
              (insert " ")
              (backward-delete-char 1)))

to trigger a call to after-change-functions.

Is there a way to manually trigger a call to after-change-functions?

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