I recently migrated from emacs VM to mu4e. Using mb2md.pl I successfully (well, modulo a few tweaks) reformatted ~140,000 emails. All good, really.

However, because of the single-file format of VM, and to keep that size manageable, I had several mail files all relating to a single aspect of my job. These got transformed into separate maildir directories. I would like to consolidate these directories into a single one, not just to be anal about it, but because when moving emails auto-completion can't resolve the destination smoothly with my naming conventions.

My question: can I get away with a single mv command to reposition all those related emails in a single maildir, followed by mu index, or do I need to manually move them all within mu4e?

Many thanks.

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    Inasmuch as mu can index all of the maildir from scratch within a reasonable period of time, why not just manually move everything where you want it, trash the old index, and begin anew?
    – lawlist
    Sep 10 '20 at 21:32
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    If I understand you correctly, this is what I was hoping for. So I could safely execute mv ~/maildir/work-20{17,18,19}/cur/* ~/maildir/work/cur; mu index and avoid the tedious job of moving them within mu4e, yes?
    – healyp
    Sep 11 '20 at 8:08

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