I know there is such a variable as helm-ff-initial-sort-method. However, it does not include KIND as a sorting method. Anybody know how to sort files in helm-find-file by KIND? Thank you!

  • Not sure how to get a file's KIND, by extension? is it good enough? I notice macOS's Finder can distinguish plain text and unix executable even both of them do not have extension. helm-find-files's sorting is done via helm-list-directory. – xuchunyang Sep 15 at 10:30
  • Yes, KIND is the extension. I did not understand your point regarding helm-list-directory. My goal is to just sort the files using helm-find-file by kind (or extension). Basically, having all folders on top and everything else below. – Emmanuel Goldstein Sep 16 at 2:13

Here is the code to add Shift-F4 to sort by kind:

(define-advice helm-list-directory (:override (directory) add-sort-by-kind)
  (let ((files (directory-files directory t directory-files-no-dot-files-regexp)))
    (pcase helm-ff-initial-sort-method
       (sort files #'file-newer-than-file-p))
       (sort files #'helm-ff-file-larger-that-file-p))
       (let-alist (seq-group-by #'file-directory-p files)
          .t                            ; folders
           .nil                         ; files
           (lambda (f1 f2)
             (let ((ext1 (or (file-name-extension f1) ""))
                   (ext2 (or (file-name-extension f2) "")))
               (if (equal ext1 ext2)
                   (string< f1 f2)
                 (string< ext1 ext2)))))))))))

(defun helm-ff-sort-by-kind ()
  (unless (eq helm-ff-initial-sort-method 'kind)
    (setq helm-ff-initial-sort-method 'kind)
    (helm-force-update (helm-get-selection nil helm-ff-transformer-show-only-basename)))
  (message "Sorting by kind"))
(put 'helm-ff-sort-by-kind 'helm-only t)

(define-key helm-find-files-map (kbd "S-<f4>") #'helm-ff-sort-by-kind)

Change helm-ff-initial-sort-method does not work for me, e.g., (setq helm-ff-initial-sort-method 'size), that is, the initial sort is still by alpha instead of by size, I am not sure if I understand the user option correctly. However, Shift-F1/F2/F3 work.

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  • Thanks for the help! Is "add-sort-by-kind" a variable that I should already have in my system? I can't find it. – Emmanuel Goldstein Sep 17 at 4:57
  • @EmmanuelGoldstein Nope, it's not a variable name, it's the NAME argument of define-advice, type C-h f define-advice to see its meaning. – xuchunyang Sep 17 at 6:41
  • Thanks, newbie with elisp. I added the function to my init. Evaluated it as I have done with others, but I can't find M-x helm-ff-sort-by-kind. Any ideas? – Emmanuel Goldstein Sep 17 at 18:52
  • The command does not make sense outside a helm-find-files session. You need to use the keybinding Shift-F4 while helm-find-files is running. The reason why the command does not appear in helm-M-x (I assume your M-x is helm-M-x) is probably filtered by helm-M-x. Since you're new to Emacs Lisp, the above code might be difficult to understand, I suggest don't put it to your init file. You can consider the feature you want is not supported by helm-find-files. Maybe try dired with GNU ls's -X option: -X sort alphabetically by entry extension. – xuchunyang Sep 18 at 20:22
  • Learning a lot, thanks! Will try this. One question though: I did not get how ot use dired with GNU ls -X option. What exactly shall I type on my emacs? Thanks. – Emmanuel Goldstein Sep 19 at 9:44

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