I am playing with SaltStack configured by org babel source blocks. I try to pass output of salt fingerprint to minion configuration file. If I use one command direcly in bash I receive this output:

# salt-key -f master.pub
Local Keys:
master.pub:  66:bf:a3:8f:f5:09:01:78:dc:d7:34:80:42:d0:ab:b6:f1:f6:67:ee:dd:80:10:d6:90:58:71:48:fa:d9:24:2c

When I try to execute the same command in org babel I receive different result (I attach screen because my browser doesn't support this symbol):

#+begin_src sh :session master
salt-key --finger=master.pub

org babel result

Because of this ^[ characters I receive wrong while extracting value of master.pub key which I need in further processing:

#+begin_src sh :session minion :var FINGERPRINT=fingerprint[1,1]

|                                                                                                    |
| 66:bf:a3:8f:f5:09:01:78:dc:d7:34:80:42:d0:ab:b6:f1:f6:67:ee:dd:80:10:d6:90:58:71:48:fa:d9:24:2c;0m |

And because of the ";0m" at the end (I am not sure what it is) I can't copy and paste this value to configuration file. I tried different types of results (raw, table, list), but always I receive this characters. Anyone have idea how can I deal with this?


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These are terminal escape codes to e.g. change colors and such. Usually, programs that do that have a --color=no or some similar option to turn this off. In fact, the salt-key manpage shows a --no-color option, so try adding that to the salt-key invocation.

  • Thank you! Now the output is fine!
    – AsterOps
    Commented Sep 16, 2020 at 13:47

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