So I'm trying to set up a specific workflow with emacs. Basically, I'll have NFC tags around the house on the various things I need to deal with for chores and etc. As I do these tasks, I'll tap the tag with my phone and will have a heading added to an org file indicating that I've done this. (I can already do this much)

The next thing I want to do with it is add a hook to my agenda that will go through this file and match any new headings to whichever tasks I have in my agenda, completing these tasks for me.

I'm new to elisp though, so I'm hoping that I could get some direction on the creating the pieces I think I'll need to do this.

So I think I'll need:

  1. A method to scan through my 'completed' file
  • It'll mark any new heading it finds as being already found
  • It'll ignore already found ones
  1. A method to go through tasks in my agenda
  2. A method to set these tasks as being completed
  • This is a wide-open question which could be answered in many different ways, each of which would require a blog post, rather than the couple of paragraphs that answers here usually consist of. My suggestion would be to ask it either on reddit or on the Org mode mailing list or else start implementing and every time you get stuck somewhere ask a question to help you get unstuck. "Design the universe and give three examples" is not the kind of question that is suitable for this site. – NickD Sep 19 '20 at 18:08

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