Emacs 26.1

First I create several buffers in shell mode.

enter image description here

Then I open ibuffer (C-x C-b) and mark all shell buffers manually by pressing D to delete them.

It works, but it's very slow. Is there a quicker method for deleting all buffers in shell mode?

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    A more general (but similar) question was asked here with a few answers.
    – jagrg
    Commented Sep 22, 2020 at 0:12

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A slightly quicker way that still uses IBuffer, is (from IBuffer) to use % m shell to mark all of the buffers in shell mode, and then press D to delete then all in one go. Depending on what other modes you've got open you might get away with using "sh" instead of shell. I use variations on this quite a lot to kill the many Ag and Dired buffers that I seem to typically end up with.


You may want to look into the customizable var ibuffer-saved-filter-groups, to sort your buffers into groupings based on mode (or any other criteria). Then you can mark a group at once by marking its heading. Right now, they're all in one group [Default], but you could easily have [Shells], etc.

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