Recently I had some font lock mess with auctex (similar to this). To solve the problem I commented out my init file part for part and realized that the problem is inside the custom-set-variables section.

I just realized that this section contains much clutter I don't need anymore (long time ago when I started using emacs I used the graphical customization interface, but I don't use it anymore today and configure everything via elisp in my init file directly).

So, is it safe to comment out or delete this section?

  • You need to check that all the settings are duplicated, but yes, there is nothing special about it: you can delete or comment out entries that you dont' need or delete the whole thing or comment it out. The only danger is that you lose a setting that is not duplicated in your init file, but if you are careful, you can avoid such nasty surprises. – NickD Sep 24 at 14:17
  • @NickD: Please consider posting your comment as an answer. Comments can be deleted at any time. – Drew Sep 24 at 18:49

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