Using (highlight-symbol-at-point) at some point the highlight start repeating colors.

auto highlight cycle restarts

I find the variable that holds the default face highlight color values in Emacs is: hi-lock-face-defaults

It holds this value:

("hi-yellow" "hi-pink" "hi-green" "hi-blue" "hi-salmon" "hi-aquamarine" "hi-black-b" "hi-blue-b" "hi-red-b" "hi-green-b" "hi-black-hb")

I want to add more default colors. What is the best way to do it?


Set variable hi-lock-face-defaults to the names of the faces you want.

(add-to-list 'hi-lock-face-defaults "highlight") ; Add a face (`highlight`).


(setq hi-lock-face-defaults  ; Set to just these 3 faces.
      '("dired-flagged" "highlight" "hi-yellow"))


(setq hi-lock-face-defaults ; Add multiple faces.
      (append '("dired-flagged" "highlight") hi-lock-face-defaults))

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