When editing Lisp or Clojure in Spacemacs (Emacs with Evil) I find the pasting behavior anoying. Say I have yanked bar and want to paste it as a parameter to (foo) so I get (foo bar). The problem is, I have to insert a space between o and ) before pasting or afterwards.

Is there a way to tell Spacemacs to automatically insert the space in Lisp/Clojure mode (with paredit) when pasting?


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I don't know if there is a regular command for that (maybe there is one in the emacs-lisp state) but of course you could define your own custom function. e.g.

(defun custom-lisp-paste (&optional count)
  (interactive "*P")
  (insert " ")
  (evil-paste-after count))

And bind it to your prefered key. you could optionally add evil-forward-word-end before forward-char. I am using evil-paste-after and evil-forward-word-end here, but I think generally it is preferable to use the underlying Emacs functions directly. It is described in the Emacs lisp intro by Chassell how to insert text from the kill ring...

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