I receive an email sent also to other people in Cc. If I reply to it with gnus-summary-followup, Gnus includes me in the Cc list. How can I avoid that?


The behaviour you want is the default if you've told emacs your email address using user-mail-address. Another option is to set message-dont-replyto-names

message-dont-reply-to-names is a variable defined in `message.el'.
Its value is nil

  You can customize this variable.
  This variable was introduced, or its default value was changed, in
  version 24.3 of Emacs.

Addresses to prune when doing wide replies.
This can be a regexp, a list of regexps or a predicate function.
Also, a value of nil means exclude `user-mail-address' only.

If a function email is passed as the argument.

See Wide-Reply for more details (or (info "(message)Wide Reply"))

  • message-dont-replyto-names was the rescue. I did set user-mail-address to my private address, and set my business address in gnus-posting-styles. Docs say this “overrides user-mail-address”. Well, apparently not really. – Torsten Bronger Oct 1 '20 at 11:37
  • It does override user-mail-address, but it's possible/probable that it does so too late for gnus-summary-followup to be affected. – rpluim Oct 1 '20 at 13:58

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