I'd like to navigate in my org-mode files sometimes using just the home row, but other times I'm perfectly ok with the full emacs default key-bindings for org-mode. For instance, when everything is folded, I'd like to just use j or k for up and down since I only want to navigate up to the correct headline to tab it open. I realize I could just do a ace-jump, or search, or something, but I'm curious if there already exists something that makes this VIM like navigation possible? Also, I don't think I'm ready to go full evil-mode yet.

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There is the worf package by abo-abo that does something like this.


Org itself brings such a feature, which you could expand.

You have to setup your org-mode a bit, because this keymap is auto-generated on every call to the function. Also you need to disable the auto isearch feature to navitage. see following source:

(setq org-goto-auto-isearch nil)

(advice-add 'org-goto-map :after (lambda ()
                                   (org-defkey org-goto-map "k" 'outline-next-visible-heading)
                                   (org-defkey org-goto-map "j" 'outline-previous-visible-heading)))

Use this feature by using C-c C-j or calling M-x org-goto.

There are also other, more universal ways to easily set up those keybindings, without going vi-style, those work also for other parts of Emacs:

Org-mode defines functions: org-next-visible-heading and org-previous-visible-heading, which you could bind with above mentioned packages.

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