I want to change the mouse behaviour in Emacs:

When I click between windows (i.e. from one window into another)), I only want to select the new window and not change point. This is the behaviour globally enabled through:

  (global-set-key [mouse-1] 'mouse-select-window)
  (global-unset-key [down-mouse-1])
  (global-unset-key [drag-mouse-1]))

When I stay with my mouse click in the same window I want Emacs' out-of the box behaviour with moving point and selecting on drag, i.e.

  (global-set-key [mouse-1] 'mouse-set-point)
  (global-set-key [down-mouse-1]    'mouse-drag-region)
  (global-set-key [drag-mouse-1]    'mouse-set-region))

Is there a standard way to do this? I have tried to provide my own customised function for [mouse-1] but somehow this is not enough.

  • Show us your custom function.
    – phils
    Oct 10, 2020 at 0:47

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Here’s what i came up with.

The trick is that, as you already seem to figured it out, [down-mouse-1] will cause probles, as it will also select the window, so when it comes to [mouse-1], the new window is already selected.

I first wrote a handy utility function:

(defun gpolonkai/event-in-current-window-p (event)
  "Check if EVENT happened in the current window."
  (eq (selected-window) (posn-window (event-start event))))

Then, in all mouse button handling function, you can check if the event happened in the currently active window:

(defun gpolonkai/mouse-set-point (click &optional promote-to-region)
  "Set point based on click location.

If CLICK happened in an inactive window, select that window without setting point"
  (interactive "e\np")
  (if (gpolonkai/event-in-current-window-p click)
      (call-interactively 'mouse-set-point)
    (call-interactively 'mouse-select-window)))

Now unbind [down-mouse-1] and bind this function to [mouse-1], and you are all set! Also, don’t forget to (require 'mouse) to be on the safe side.


Here is a solution that uses the advice mechanism instead. It doesn't affect clicks on links and buttons, though, which would require advising push-button, widget-button-click and potentially other functions.

(define-advice mouse-set-point (:around (f event &optional promote-to-region) disable-clickthrough)
  (let ((window (posn-window (event-start event))))
    (if (eq window (selected-window))
        (funcall f event promote-to-region)
      (select-window window))))

(define-advice mouse-set-region (:around (f start-event) disable-clickthrough)
  (let ((window (posn-window (event-start start-event))))
    (if (eq window (selected-window))
        (funcall f start-event)
      (select-window window))))

(define-advice mouse-drag-region (:around (f start-event) disable-clickthrough)
  (let ((window (posn-window (event-start start-event))))
    (when (eq window (selected-window))
      (funcall f start-event))))

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