Using the mu4e email package, I can save attachments via A S (save multi). However, this requires that I specify the location for each attachment separately. How can I configure this so that I only have to specify the location once, and all attachments will then be saved there without my needing to pick the same location for each file?

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Maybe you can try auto-answer.

I don't use mu4e, so the following snippet is just a pseudo-code.

(defun my/mu4e-save-all-attachments (fpath)
  (interactive "D")
  (let ((auto-answer '(("<prompt-regex>" fpath))

Each prompt from mu4e will be answered by the first prompted fpath.



As of 2021 09 10, Save Multi is no longer available. Mu4e has optional support for helm, and that is currently the only way to select multiple attachments to be saved at once. This is fine if you use helm, but if you don't, it doesn't leave you with a very satisfactory approach.

One way to deal with this is to turn on helm mode, but only for this feature. I do that with advice:

(defun tws-mu4e-save-all-fix (orig-fun &rest args)
  "Temporarily turn on helm-mode for selecting files."
  (apply orig-fun args)
  (helm-mode -1))

(advice-add 'mu4e-view-save-attachments :around #'tws-mu4e-save-all-fix)

With this feature, you will use the helm interface to select files, and that allows you to select all files via M-a.

Other approaches are found here.

Original Answer (no longer relevant)

It turns out this feature is supported by the customization option Mu4e Save Multiple Attachments Without Asking:

If non-nil, saving multiple attachments asks once for a Hide directory and saves all attachments in the chosen directory.

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