If I understand correctly, the documentation says the visual-line-mode should now play nicely with org-indent-mode. That is not the case for me. It seems very buggy!

Org Mode Indent and Visual Line Mode

Note when I first collapse all trees, one of them looks like it is not employing visual line mode. If I turn visual line mode off and back on, text bellow all headings is not employing visual line mode. Also, notice, if I edit the heading (in this case just adding a space), the text bellow correctly displays per visual lines.

Copy-pasted text is also not displayed correctly. My org configs are pretty long so I'll just show the relevant parts for now. Ask for more.

  (org-mode . org-indent-mode)
  (org-mode . visual-line-mode)

This is how I turn the aforementioned modes on. Any help?

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