When I archive a repeated task (let's say, a learning project of 15 minutes every Wednesday day for 2 month), the task gets archived in a date tree all under the day it was closed (cancelled) as a whole (to avoid repetition), with having under LOG all individual instances of repetition. It would be great if each of these individual "task happenings" were archived under the date and time they were completed individually, and not just all as one block. Not sure if I made myself understood! :))

  • I understand. I have similar issues with archiving, as it seems to conflict with the goal of maintaining a clear log of work done. Currently, I keep recurring tasks in one file, and link to the task in my daily log. That way the daily log has a permanent record of the activity, and it won't be obscured when I archive the task. – Tyler Oct 20 at 15:17
  • Thanks! How can I do that automatically? Care to share your implementation? ;) – Emmanuel Goldstein Oct 20 at 19:24
  • It's a work in progress. At this point, I'm doing it mostly by hand: org-store-link to grab the link to the current heading, then move to today's journal file and org-insert-link to add the link to a list of activities for the day. When I get some time, I'll write a function to store-link-to-this-todo-in-todays-journal or something like that. Haven't decided if I need to support interactively picking a day, or if I will only ever need to send the link to today's journal. – Tyler Oct 20 at 19:33
  • Tyler, that's a lot of work! I have many repeated tasks every day, I can't afford doing that. I archive maybe once a month, so imagine :) I can't just spend a day doing that. I would like that when I hit on a specific shortcut for archiving each logged entry goes to the right date tree place. – Emmanuel Goldstein Oct 21 at 2:16

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