in org-mode I have adaptive-wrap-prefix-mode on. The indentation though has a inconsistent behavior. I have already tried to toggle visual-line-mode and word wrap but the sometimes correct and sometimes wrong indentation does not change.

Inconsistent Indentation

adaptive-wrap-prefix-mode is a variable defined in ‘adaptive-wrap.el’.
Its value is t
Local in buffer Bibliothek.org; global value is nil

  Automatically becomes buffer-local when set.

Non-nil if Adaptive-Wrap-Prefix mode is enabled.
Use the command ‘adaptive-wrap-prefix-mode’ to change this variable.


and here the active modes

Enabled minor modes: Abbrev Adaptive-Wrap-Prefix Anzu
Async-Bytecomp-Package Auto-Composition Auto-Compression
Auto-Encryption Column-Number Company Counsel-Projectile
Delete-Selection Ede Electric-Indent Electric-Pair File-Name-Shadow
Font-Lock Global-Anzu Global-Auto-Revert Global-Company Global-Ede
Global-Eldoc Global-Font-Lock Global-Git-Commit Global-Hl-Line
Global-Magit-File Global-Semantic-Decoration
Global-Semantic-Highlight-Func Global-Semantic-Idle-Completions
Global-Semantic-Idle-Scheduler Global-Semantic-Idle-Summary
Global-Semantic-Show-Unmatched-Syntax Global-Semantic-Stickyfunc
Global-Semanticdb Ivy Line-Number Magit-Auto-Revert Mouse-Wheel
Override-Global Projectile Recentf Savehist Semantic Shell-Dirtrack
Show-Paren Size-Indication Tooltip Transient-Mark Volatile-Highlights
Which-Key Ws-Butler Yas Yas-Global

(Information about these minor modes follows the major mode info.)

Org mode defined in ‘org.el’:
Outline-based notes management and organizer, alias
"Carsten’s outline-mode for keeping track of everything."
  1. How can I change my settings so that words are always truncated and indented correctly.
  2. What is the cause of this problem?
  • I'm experiencing a similar problem -- did you ever find a fix? Aug 26 '21 at 15:48
  • No sorry still nothing found. I added (setq org-adapt-indentation nil) to my init.el file so that every line starts a column 0 independent of the headline level (probably just like in markdown documents)
    – Tietan
    Jan 10 at 18:36

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